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RFA, in the automotive and transport industry, through its development and application of the latest reflective technology and support of 3M has provided products which further advance safety in the workplace.

Through the strategic application and use of the latest superior reflective materials vehicles are more visible, particularly at night, in difficult weather conditions and emergency situations.

Customised Vehicle Reflective Detailing & Signage

RFA supplies a full range of reflective tapes and markings for emergency and service vehicles. RFA, with its in-house design, screen printing and slitting facilities, is able to offer a customised service to meet individual needs when it comes to reflective detailing and signage. An opportunity to both enhance the safety of your company vehicles and corporate identity.

reflective detailing on Diamond Creek CFA car

reflective deatailing and signage on a field operations vehicle

customised reflective detailing and signage on a security vehicle

Strip widths up to 100 mm and a maximum of 4 colours, corporate logos and other details together with reflective pin-striping can be applied to vehicles, tonneau covers and side curtains.

RFA Tautliner Safety Reflector

RFA has developed and introduced another important transport safety product, the Tautliner Safety Reflector. An easily installed reflector which provides enhanced visibility and consequently greater safety for motorists.

The RFA Tautliner Safety Reflector is a small sleeve which fits over the buckle tautliner strap providing a line of white reflectors along both sides of a vehicle. The RFA Tautliner Safety Reflector comes as a flat plastic sheet (100mm x 115mm), with the reflective panel on one half side of the sheet. The plastic sheet is located behind the buckle strap, folded over and secured by a self sealing strip to leave the reflective panel on the outside. Its so easy.


tautline safety reflector

reflective panel
self-sealing strip

Motorists passing large rigs at night gain a much better awareness of the vehicle and its length as their headlights pick up the safety reflectors. And motorists at right angles at intersections are also able to quickly distinguish the size and extent of a transport's length.

The Safety Reflectors are in packs of 25's, together with installation instructions.

Contact RFA for availability and your nearest stockist.

Reflective Marking for Roadside Dump Bins

The Code of Practice introduced by Vic Roads for Victorian operators of roadside waste bins and skips incorporates the use of retroreflective material in providing greater visibility to motorists. When applied to the waste bin, as recommended, retroreflective material reflects the vehicle headlights back to the driver on approach ensuring high visibility at night.

RFA stocks Dump Bin marking tape and can advise on its prescribed application. Contact RFA for details.



RFA reflective marking tape on roadside dump bin

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