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RFA manufactures and carries a range of stock safety vests, designed to comply with the established standard AS/NZS 4602:1999, High visibility safety garments.

This standard specifies the visual requirements for high visibility garments where the wearer can be exposed to such hazards as moving traffic, plant and equipment in the charge of an on-board controller. The Australian Standard covers three types of garments: day time wear, night time wear and those which can be worn day and night.

RFA carries stock of four safety vest designs, each with a distinctive arrangement of retroreflective strips, back and front.

  • RFA HVSV 01
  • RFA HVSV 02
  • RFA HVSV 03*
  • RFA HVSV 04

*RFA HVSV03 incorporates an extended back flap with integrated retroreflective strip to provide additional visibility when the wearer has his/her back to traffic and is in a bending position, obscuring much of the vest.

  • Light weight
  • High visibilty colours
  • Quick engage/release hook-and-loop fasteners
  • Australian manufactured quality garments


Front and Back Views of High Visibility Safety Vests

Product Specifications

Fabric—100% flame retardant, anti-static polyester base fabric, extremely light weight for greater user comfort in three distinctive fluorescent AS/NZ Standard colours:

  • fluor orange
  • fluor lime yellow
  • fluor red

Reflective material—3M Scotchlite "reflective material" 8725 silver transfer film of wide angle, exposed retroreflective lenses bonded to a heat-activated polyester adhesive, used to provide the highest visibility.

  • Daytime colour: silver
  • Reflected colour: white
  • Heat laminated to the base fabric.
  • Generous 50 mm tapes for greater visibility.
  • Combinations of horizontal hoops, verticals and braces provide the most acceptable format to define and outline the human body.

Features—Quick engage and release hook-and-loop fasteners

Sizes—Stock sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL

Packaging—Packed singly in plastic bags/bundles of 10 per one size.

Personalising—Safety vests can be personalised with computer-cut details.

Australian made to AS 4602:1999—RFA garments include as part of the Australian Standard, labelling and marking requirements-garment usage details, garment care labelling (AS/NZS 1957) and where relevant UPF rating. Packaging includes our manufacturing name, class of garment and size, together with batch, operator number and date of manufacture.

Use & care—Australian Standard AS/NZS 4602:1999 provides comprehensive details on the use and care of safety vests and is a useful reference. Also check the section on Garment Maintenance and Warranties on this web site for additional details.

Note Performance

Whilst RFA Australian Standard safety vests, incorporating 3M Scotchlite Reflective material, provide enhanced wearer visibility no reflective material can guarantee absolute visibility, particularly in adverse weather conditions. Performance will vary depending on actual use, working conditions and maintenance/condition of the garment. Users should always recognise the conditions in which they are working and take appropriate care.

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