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Bindings, Pipings & Trims

RFA holds in stock a wide range of reflective trims, both as heat seal and overlocking applications which can be slit to size and incorporated into the safety clothing manufacturing process.

Our screen printing and slitting facilities allow us to meet your specific product requirements.

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bindings, piping & trims

Breathable reflective tape

Introducing the new "breathable" reflective tape for workwear and safety clothing, developed for hot, humid and uncomfortable working conditions.

perforated reflective tape for breathability

RFA "breathable" Reflective Tape is a perforated reflective tape for safety clothing, allowing the wearer significant evaporation of perspiration compared with existing reflective tapes.

RFA "breathable" reflective tape:

  • Perforated to allow better ventilation
  • Lightweight
  • Available in both standard and industrial laundry wash qualities
  • Base reflective material is from industry leader, 3M Reflective Silver Transfer Film
  • Significantly improved wearer comfort where working conditions are hot and harsh, while still maintaining the visual safety of the garment
  • Compliant with AS/NZS 1906.4 1997

safety shirt with breathable reflective tape

International Patent Application
No PCT/AU2006/000740
Reflective Fabrications of Australia

Why RFA "breathable" Reflective Tape?

Whilst the current range of safety vests and related safety clothing provide strong visual protection for wearers, there is an additional need for better ventilation for the safety clothing wearer. This is particularly so in working environments involving hot and humid conditions such as mines, heavy physical and manual labour situations. Safety clothing with RFA "breathable" Reflective Tape gives improved working conditions for wearers through improved evaporation of perspiration.

RFA has now developed a reflective tape that breathes. Whilst still meeting the safety standards for reflective properties, safety clothing with RFA "breathable" Reflective Tape allows significant evaporation of perspiration compared with existing reflective tapes. This new product is unique to RFA, with world patent applications covering its manufacture.

RFA "breathable" Reflective Tape is available in two formats:

  • Reflective Material 8725 Silver Transfer Film
  • Reflective Material 9720 Silver Industrial Wash Transfer Film

breathable reflective tape

Test Results

RFA "breathable" Reflective Tape has undergone rigorous testing to ensure it meets all relevant standards. Three testing authorities, CSIRO Textile Testing Laboratories, VicLab Pty Ltd and Forschungsinstitut, Hohenstein, Germany conducted the testing.

Results showed that the water vapour permeability or "breathability" was rated as "very good", that the reflective properties were compliant with AS/NZS 1906.4 1997 and the water vapour resistance was considerably lower that the existing product.

Complete test results are available for inspection at RFA.

Contact RFA direct for further details and samples of this innovative new product.
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